How to Buy Nas NFT?

You can buy NFT from famous rapper Nasir Jones, better known as Nas, on marketplaces like OpenSea. What does the author of hits like Get Down or If I Ruled the World have to offer? Why was it so popular on the list of upcoming NFT projects? Let's find out in this article.

How to Buy Nas NFT

Nas is an American singer, born Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones. The author of numerous hits and winner of Grammy awards has long been fond of cryptocurrencies and even is listed as one of the first investors in Coinbase. Nas has at least $40 million of stake in the major cryptocurrency exchange in his portfolio. So one would expect an NFT drop from the artist and entrepreneur. Sooner or later it would have happened. And by finally announcing the release of the collection, scheduled for early 2022, Nas did not disappoint his fans.

So, what is the NFT collection from Nas? The collection is called Royal. When planning his collection, Nas didn't try to reinvent the wheel, and based it on his music. So, when you purchase NFT from Nas, you get the right to own the track, and that means royalties for using it. And that, please don't forget, is from one of the most popular rappers in the USA! So far, Nas has only had two drops for the singer's two singles - Ultra Black and Rare. There are several NFTs in each collection, grouped by the name of the single. The items in the collections are differentiated by the bonuses the holder will receive. For example, NFTs based on the Ultra Black single are ranked as Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. Buying a gold NFT for only $50 will only give the user access to discord and a secret menu called Sweet Chick Secret. The Platinum version of the NFT also gets you two VIP concert tickets, a Video Conversation with Hit-Boy, an exclusive merchandise item, and a vinyl record signed by the singer. However, you'll have to pay as much as $5,000 for that. The same goes for NFT from the Rare collection, the single released by Nas in collaboration with Hit-Boy after the singer won a Grammy Award. Although the price tag is a little different here - the Gold NFT is $99, whereas for the Platinum format you'll have to pay as much as $10,000.

To become the lucky owner of the NFT collection Royal by Nas, you need to register on the OpenSea marketplace and connect your Ethereum wallet to it. You can use any in-browser wallet like Metamask or Trustswap for that. And, of course, do not forget that OpenSea takes commissions for buying and determines the prices in the ETH coin.